A Normalising Volatility Regime?

Volatility and Tail Risk Educational Event – London 2018

Hamlin Lovell

The annual Volatility and Tail Risk Educational Events (held in Sydney, London and Zurich) have raised more than $500,000 for charities such as VIMBA, Woman’s Trust, Vision for a Nation and Beanstalk. The London event held on April 12th, 2018, generated $106,000. The Hedge Fund Journal nearly always attends the London day and here we review highlights from a very candid discussion amongst leading hedge fund managers of volatility and other strategies, economists, exchanges, brokers, allocators, academics and other market participants.

Volatility flashpoints

There are always Cassandras calling for crises, and a stopped clock must be right twice a day, but in early 2018 it seems that a range of risk factors are coalescing to ramp up volatility.

Event chair, Maya A.Z. Rodriguez, Managing Partner of AZR Capital, spotlighted that geopolitics and domestic politics are heating up, with far-right politicians winning power in multiple countries while the Middle East faces dictatorships, civil wars and chaos. Veteran war reporter, Robert Fisk, said he is investigating the provenance of weapons used by Isis and Nusra. His findings could heighten political tensions outside the region.

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