InfluxData rolls out new version of its cloud service

Originally published on 25 August 2017

InfluxData, the open source platform for metrics and events, has updated InfluxCloud, its managed and hosted version of the InfluxData platform.

“We are focused on delivering rapid time to value for developers through building monitoring and control applications, and with the inclusion of Chronograf and Kapacitor into InfluxCloud, developers can experience more of the entire platform without having to setup and manage any infrastructure,” said Tim Hall, VP Products, InfluxData. “This allows developers an easy onboarding experience and to quickly incorporate advanced features like alerting and anomaly detection into their applications. These new additions set the stage for future capabilities such as co-monitoring, portable backups, and more.”

InfluxCloud has been updated to version 1.3, and includes an enhanced visualization experience via Chronograf, the visualization and administrative user interface for the InfluxData platform. Other key updates include:

  • Enhanced Access Control – Support for role-based access to restrict or allow users, or groups of users, from performing certain tasks.
  • Integrated Anomaly Detection & Alerting – InfluxCloud now provides for the visual definition of anomaly detection and alert rules. Powered by the incorporation of Chronograf for the visual elements and Kapacitor for the execution of the defined rules, these new additions allow you to experience the full power of the InfluxData platform.
  • Usage-based Storage – While every subscription comes with a pre-defined storage allocation, customers can now add more storage as they need it. The usage-based storage add-ons also include automated backups which provides peace of mind knowing that your data is always safe and protected.

“InfluxCloud helps Qube gather metrics and events to visualize utility billing usage and charges for our customers,” said John Burk, Senior Software Developer, PipelineFX. “As a managed service, it allows us to focus on our core competencies without having to dedicate the resources to manage another solution. InfluxCloud is fully managed by InfluxData to have the latest software, with fully optimized clusters, and is always available.”