Will Facebook Remain Valid as a Marketing Tool?

Struggles with data protection could presage a fall from grace

Stuart Fieldhouse, Director, Hawksmoor Partners
Originally published in the July | August 2018 issue

For many of our social media clients, one of the key platforms for communicating with clients and potential clients has been Facebook. Much really depends on what sort of customer you are pursuing, of course. For those fund managers and wealth managers with a focus on retail distribution, Facebook can be an important tool, both as a means to communicate your opinions on markets and as an additional advertising platform.

Facebook has become one of the dominant social media platforms and a favoured investment among fund managers, but there are signs now that cracks are appearing in the edifice of this technology giant.

One of the first signs of Facebook’s problems has been its inability to engage with the younger demographic. There is a new generation of kids growing up who are simply not using Facebook’s core technology, favouring other platforms. True, Facebook owns some of these – e.g. WhatsApp and Instagram – all of which have become valuable communications tools. But the question is whether the ability of a large company like Facebook to keep control over the social media landscape will be sustainable?

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